Follow Your Dental Insurance Company on Social Media | 5 Reasons Why

Posted Feb 2024

By Delta Dental of Arkansas

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Follow Your Dental Insurance Company on Social Media | 5 Reasons Why


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As Champions of your Smile, Delta Dental of Arkansas is the coolest kid on the social media block.

Okay, maybe not quite.

But you should follow us anyway.

Following Delta Dental of Arkansas on social media can boost your smile, cash flow and community life.

Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Learn to Use Your Dental Benefits Correctly

Insurance can be complicated.

To maximize your dental benefits (aka, get the most bang for your buck), you need to understand and apply key concepts like network providers, deductibles, annual maximum, and more. Otherwise, you could pay higher out-of-pocket expenses than necessary and lose out on dental treatments.

We explain those key concepts in your Member Profile and our blogs, but do you always know what to look for?  

On social media, we post benefit bulletins and useful tips. They’ll serve as great reminders or starting points for you to find out more.


2. Improve Your Smile (and Vision) with Timely Tips and News

How much do you know about the best care for your teeth, gums and eyes?

Let’s do a quick test:

  • What’s better: a manual or an electric toothbrush?
  • Floss picks or floss?
  • Why does the risk of cavities for kids increase during summer break?
  • Should you worry about blue light?

All of these are questions we’ve asked and answered on social media. Our photos, infographics and videos provide helpful information that can help you lead healthier, safer and more fulfilling lives.

3. Discover Free Teacher and Parent Resources

Teaching kids healthy oral health habits in the classroom and at home can be challenging. But we’ve got you covered with 

  • ·oral health lesson plans
  • short, animated videos
  • reading lists of fun books about healthy smiles
  • smile-friendly recipes for kids and grown-ups
  • challenges and fun contests with prizes
  • and more.


    Our social media posts frequently identify and link to these resources so you can find them quickly.


    4. Stay in the Know about News and Opportunities Affecting You

    Following Delta Dental of Arkansas on social media is the fastest and easiest way to stay informed about what’s happening at our company and how that might affect you.

    • Maybe you’re looking for a job? We often post about our open positions.
    • “Like” the new dental, vision or hearing benefits we’ve added to our insurance plans, such as Right Start 4 Kids or our hearing discount program.
    • Did your kids enter our annual Say No to Cavities challenge? Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for regular updates.
    • Meet some of our most interesting characters, like Larry the Lion, Blue, the Tooth Fairy and a Teal Witch in photos, reels and videos.
    • Is our office closed because of snow days? Find the answer on our social media pages.
    • Did you miss our monthly guest interview on The Vine, THV11? Catch the digital links on our pages.
    • How does Delta Dental of Arkansas fulfill its pledge to provide world-class customer service? Social media is the right place for a look behind the scenes.


    5. Involve Us to Benefit Your Community

    “Improving the oral health of all Arkansans” is our mission, and we put our core value of Focus on Community in action every day.

    Whether through grant support from our Delta Dental of Arkansas Foundation or volunteer efforts of our 200+ employees, continuing education provided through our professional relations team, or outreach service in schools, libraries, and community centers, we aim to bring smiles to all Arkansans. Social media is where we share these experiences. Connect with us so we can serve your community!


    Start Following

    We encourage you to check us out on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, X and TikTok and join our family of followers. Feel free to like, share, repost and comment. Thanks for your input and support.

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