ACA Dental Insurance

Your smile says a lot about you.

From first glances to family photos, it’s how you greet the world. Keep your mouth healthy with coverage from Arkansas’ number one dental insurance company.


Delta Dental offers five dental insurance plans providing Essential Health Benefits (EHBs) as required under the Affordable Care Act.  There are two pediatric/kids only plans and three family plans which offer the option to visit any licensed dentist while saving the most money using a dentist in the network.

Visit for complete details on each plan and enroll in coverage. Please select “Dental Certified EHB” as the type of coverage you would like to purchase.


Prior Authorization

Prior authorization is the process through which an issuer approves a request to access a covered benefit before the member accesses the benefit. Delta Dental does not require prior authorization for any covered services. If you are concerned about your coverage or the cost of a covered service, you can request a pre-treatment estimate.


Amplifon Hearing Discount

Available for FREE to all Delta Dental members, Amplifon is a hearing health discount program with benefits including up to 40% discounts off hearing tests and free batteries for hearing aids. Learn more

ACA Dental Insurance