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Website Security

At Delta Dental of Arkansas, we are committed to safeguarding personal and privileged information. This page provides a brief overview of some of the key privacy & security policies that govern the administration of our website. Please note that while certain Web pages may contain links to other related websites, Delta Dental of Arkansas is not responsible for the privacy & security practices or the content of such sites.

Uses of Requested Personal Information

When you register by creating a User-ID, we will ask for information that personally identifies you. We use this information for four primary purposes:

1. To make the site easier for you to use by not having to enter information more than once;

2. To ensure proper authorization to allow access to protected health and financial information;

3. To provide you with the protected information you are allowed to view; and

4. To track access to protected information.


Access Limitations

If you choose not to register (create a User-ID), you may still access other useful information contained within our site. However, you will not be able to access protected health and financial information. User authentication affords controlled access to this information and allows us to maintain activity logs for tracking who has requested protected information. Our activity logs track only requests for protected information and contain the following information: User-ID, date/time, IP address, and Query information.


Delta Dental of Arkansas employs security measures to control access to protected information. Our site uses firewalls and Secure Socket Layers to safeguard the data contained at our site and data being transmitted from our site to your browser.

An identification number (Social Security number, tax or business ID) and other personal information are required to create a User-ID. A current email address is also required to allow the generated password (not User-ID) to be emailed to you. The login screen and all screens that display protected information are secured (encrypted). Once you log on, if you navigate to another site or to our home page, or if there is no browser activity for twenty minutes, you will lose access and have to log in again.


“Cookies” are small temporary files that are placed on your PC while accessing our site. These files contain information pertaining to encryption measures, session management (for determination of inactivity for automatic logout), and user information so that the User-ID and password are not required to be re-entered for each request for confidential information. Session management allows us to track automatic logout and the logging of access to protected information.

Notice of Privacy Practices

Delta Dental of Arkansas is required to comply with state and federal regulations that require the protection of certain health and financial information. Although the state and federal regulations are somewhat similar and overlap on certain topics, our compliance obligations are slightly different under each set of regulations. Accordingly, we have developed specific policies and procedures to ensure compliance with each set of regulations:

Federal Notice of Privacy Practices / HIPAA

Terms of Use