Individual & Family Dental Insurance Plans

Your smile says a lot about you.

From first glances to family photos, it’s how you greet the world. Keep your mouth healthy with coverage from Arkansas’ number one dental insurance company1.

Delta Dental offers you three great plans to choose from and you can sign up whenever you’re ready. All dental plans give you access to one of the largest networks of dentists in Arkansas (more than 95% of dentists are in our PPO and Premier networks2) and the nation. Here are some highlights of our dental plans.


1: 2018 Delta Dental of Arkansas Strategic Market Assessment

2: Delta Dental of Arkansas Internal Data

Dental Plans

 Delta 500
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Delta 1000
Monthly premium starts at
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Delta 1300
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Delta Dental NetworksDelta Dental PPO + Premier
Deductible (per person / all services)$50$50$50
Annual maximum (per person)$500$1,000$1,300
Annual Carryover (per person)Not available$250$325
Diagnostic & Preventive Services (No waiting period)Your Delta Dental Plan Pays2
Cleanings, exams and X-rays100%100%100%
Basic Services (6-month waiting period)1Your Delta Dental Plan Pays2
Major Services (6-month waiting period)1Your Delta Dental Plan Pays2
Periodontics (scaling, root planing, periodontal surgery)60%50%80%
Endodontics (root canals)60%50%80%
Oral surgery (tooth removal)60%50%80%
Prosthodontics (crowns, dentures & bridges)Not covered50%50%
Orthodontic Services (12-month waiting period & $1,000 lifetime maximum)Your Delta Dental Plan Pays2
Braces and retainerNot coveredNot covered50%
Monthly Premiums
Yourself only$15.42$34.44$38.32
You and your spouse$30.84$69.18$76.94
You and your child(ren)$31.78$70.98$79.64
You and your family$47.18$105.37$118.58
 Optional Vision Insurance
DeltaVision 130AvailableAvailableAvailable
Amplifon Hearing Discount Program
Amplifon Hearing Discount ProgramFree to all Delta Dental membersFree to all Delta Dental membersFree to all Delta Dental members
These are benefit highlights only. For full details of plans, benefits and pricing, please visit
1 Waiting periods may be waived if you had qualifying dental coverage prior to enrolling.
2 The benefit allowance for services of an out-of-network dentist will be reduced by 10% for eligible services as determined by Delta Dental of Arkansas.




When you’re ready to sign up for dental (or dental plus vision) insurance with Delta Dental, you have two easy ways to get it done.


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Other Plans and Discounts

DeltaVision is a smart, affordable way to keep an eye on your vision health. For a few dollars more per month, you can add vision insurance on to our dental insurance.  Learn more

Available for FREE to all Delta Dental members, Amplifon is a hearing health discount program with benefits including up to 40% discounts off hearing tests and free batteries for hearing aids. Learn more

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