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Toothapalooza 2023


Can you say, “Toothapalooza?”

More importantly, can you celebrate Toothapalooza with us?


What is Toothapalooza?

Toothapalooza is a community oral health event hosted by Delta Dental of Arkansas in partnership with science museums across Arkansas.

It offers free dental screenings, fluoride varnish treatments and take-home dental hygiene kits for children 17 and under and fun educational oral health activities for the whole family. Parents of children receiving dental screenings will also receive recommendations for any follow-up treatments that might be necessary.

Resources for those without dental insurance will also be provided.

Even admission is free—to the first 500 visitors who mention Toothapalooza upon check-in.


Why Toothapalooza?

Pain from cavities is one of the top reasons why children miss school or can’t concentrate in class. Yet cavities are almost entirely preventable with daily brushing and flossing and preventive care dentist visits.

Delta Dental of Arkansas hosts Toothapalooza to promote good oral health habits for healthy smiles that last a lifetime


Toothapalooza at the Mid-America Science Museum, Hot Springs, Aug. 19, 2023


Toothapalooza 2023 Mid-America Museum InfographicWhere: Mid-America Science Museum, 500 Mid America Blvd, Hot Springs, Arkansas

When: August 19, 2023, 10 am – 4 pm

Cost: Free for the first 500 visitors who mention “Toothapalooza” upon check-in


Visitors can enjoy these activities:

  • Witness the epic dinosaur duel as Plaquesaurus and Flossirapture duel with giant toothbrushes.
  • Receive free dental screenings and fluoride varnish treatments (kids 17 and under only, 10 am - 2 pm)
  • Observe teeth close up with microscopes
  • Create plaque slime
  • Make teeth impressions
  • Craft tooth paintings
  • Receive take-home dental hygiene kits (kids 17 and under only)

We’ll see you there.


Toothapalooza at the Museum of Discovery, Little Rock, Sept. 16, 2023

Details to come. Check back with us soon.


Toothapalooza Coming to a Site Near You?

If your organization is interested in hosting your own Toothapalooza, request our free digital Toothapalooza Playbook by emailing