Turning 26? Time to Get Your Own Dental & Vision Insurance

Posted May 2022

By Delta Dental of Arkansas

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Turning 26? Time to Get Your Own Dental & Vision Insurance

Revised April 2022


If you are a Gen Zer (or post-millenial), you may be reaching a milestone, if you haven't already. You're turning 26.  

Your 26th birthday means you may no longer be covered under your parents’ dental and vision insurance*.

Now is the time to get your own insurance plans.

On the bright side, that makes you a trailblazer for the rest of your generation, born between 1995 and 2010, who will face this situation in the next few years.

If you already have insurance through your employer, you’re good to go. You don’t have to do anything and nothing will change for you on your 26th birthday.

But if you’re covered as a dependent under your parents’ plan because you’re still in school, work as a freelancer or don’t have employer-provided insurance at your job, you will need to buy an individual plan.

Delta Dental of Arkansas wants to make it easy for you to obtain individual dental and/or vision coverage at an affordable cost, with a low deductible and, possibly, no waiting period for benefits.

There is just one “simple” to-do for you before turning 26:

Select your individual dental and/or vision plan before you turn 26 so your coverage starts promptly on your birthday. Read the Delta Dental rates and benefit schedules and sign up.

If you purchase a plan without more than a 60-day gap in coverage, we will waive any waiting periods you would normally have.

Happy (Early) Birthday.

Adulting is hard. Taking care of your teeth shouldn’t be.

* Based on policy and contract provisions. For most Delta Dental of Arkansas dental and vision plans, dependents age 26 and older are not eligible for coverage on their parents' plan. This does not apply to disabled dependents.

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Posted by Delta Dental of Arkansas



Posted by Delta Dental of Arkansas

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