What is the Cost of a Dental Cleaning?

Posted Oct 2019

By Delta Dental of Arkansas

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Wouldn’t it be great if you knew the cost of a dental appointment before you stepped into the dentist’s office? Using the Delta Dental cost estimator tool, we’ve made that a reality. Dental anxiety is number 5 on the list of most commonly feared situations. So, we thought we’d make the experience a little easier by offering some predictability.

Dental cleanings are a necessary part of staying healthy, and dental insurance plays a large role in determining how much you pay.

Here’s what the cost of a teeth cleaning is depending on your level of insurance:

Without Dental Insurance: $100-$130

Dental visits can get complicated without dental coverage when you consider all the things that impact the cost of a teeth cleaning. Between the tools, the polish, the x-rays, and the dental care specialists, there’s a lot of work that goes into a dental cleaning. Without dental coverage, these procedures can add up. For example, if your dentist recommends X-rays, the total cost for an appointment with these additional services can be $100-$300 or more, depending on local rates and the number and type of X-rays.

With Dental Insurance: $0*

When we get our teeth cleaned, it’s categorized as preventive care. With Delta Dental benefits, dental exams and cleanings are periodically covered. This way, your dentist can check on your oral health on a routine basis. Teeth cleaning appointments for new patients typically include an exam and X-rays, and these services are often offered for returning patients. Remember to check your coverage before you go to the dentist to see your plan specifics.

Are There Additional Expenses?

Be aware that often times extra cleaning or oral procedures may be needed if you haven’t seen a dentist recently. These additional procedures may include:

  • Fillings — The cost depends on the number of fillings and which tooth is being filled.
  • Root canals —The price depends on which tooth, which oral quadrant, and the amount of work needed.
  • Crowns — The cost depends on which tooth.

That’s why preventive dental care is so important. If you brush and floss each morning and night and even after meals — and see your dentist twice a year — you’re much less likely to need further dental work. Remember that costs may vary by location and your dental plan specifics.

*See your plan for specific information.

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Posted by Delta Dental of Arkansas



Posted by Delta Dental of Arkansas

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