What Does the Tooth Fairy Do With Your Teeth?

Posted Jan 2018

By Delta Dental of Arkansas

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By Caroline Jacobson

The Tooth Fairy flutters in and takes our lost teeth, leaving small tokens of appreciation. But this leaves us wondering…


What does the Tooth Fairy do with your teeth?


Builds a Castle


Some say that the Tooth Fairy uses the cleanest, brightest teeth to build her castle. She appreciates clean teeth so much that she often leaves a bigger prize for the kids with the healthiest pearly whites. Teeth that aren’t taken care of are used in her gardens, and she leaves a smaller token for those teeth.


Plants a Garden


The Tooth Fairy is rumored to have a green thumb and prefers to plant lost teeth in her garden. As the tooth grows into a flower, the new, adult tooth grows in the child’s mouth. Just like flowers, teeth need to be taken care in order to blossom into a healthy smile.


Donates to Babies


The Tooth Fairy is kind and giving, and some believe she takes the lost teeth and gives them to babies who are ready for their first ones. The Tooth Fairy has many things to do with lost teeth, but one thing is for certain: clean, healthy teeth are her favorite.


Learn more about our favorite fairy here:

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Posted by Delta Dental of Arkansas



Posted by Delta Dental of Arkansas

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