Employee Benefits: 3 Advantages of Voluntary Dental and Vision Coverage

Posted Aug 2022

By Delta Dental of Arkansas

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Employee Benefits: 3 Advantages of Voluntary Dental and Vision Coverage

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As a small-business owner, you may hesitate to add group dental and vision benefits to your employee benefits. If costs are a concern, here is an attractive solution:

Opt for Cost Shifting

Cost shifting means that you offer these benefits on a voluntary basis, and the employee pays 100% of the monthly premiums.

You reduce your costs while still preserving the 3 key advantages of employer-sponsored dental and vision coverage:

  1. Cost Savings

    Based on group rates, the employee premiums are typically lower than individual or family plans. In addition, the premium payments are deducted from the employees’ gross pay, reducing their income tax liability.

  2. Convenience

    Payroll deductions mean regular, predictable premium payments. Employees won’t risk losing their coverage because they inadvertently miss a payment.

  3. Protection Against Financial Loss from Dental or Vision Expenses

Insurance protects your employees’ assets from financial hardship caused by dental or vision expenses. Individuals with dental or vision coverage benefit from discounted services and rates, so they have lower out-of-pocket expenses. That helps with budgeting and ensures peace of mind.

Bonus: Your conscious effort to provide your employees with health and wellness benefits boosts workplace morale.

Why Should Small Businesses Offer Attractive Employee Benefits?

The evidence is overwhelming: In today’s competitive job market, you don’t just want to pay high wages and salaries to recruit and keep talented workers. You’ll also want to offer comprehensive employee benefits.

Insider tip: More than 50% of employees say they’d accept a job with a lower salary but competitive benefits packages. 

The Delta Dental Difference® Offers Valuable Benefits at Affordable Rates

Check us out for your group dental and vision insurance benefits. Since 1982, we’ve supported Arkansas businesses with a comprehensive portfolio of dental and vision insurance plans to suit any company budget and size.

And yes, we offer voluntary benefit options.

No matter which option you choose, you’ll benefit from

  • Simple applications
  • No underwriting
  • Convenient online benefits management

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