It is estimated that more than half of all Americans need vision correction. Without corrective eyewear, you cannot see life to the fullest. Your DeltaVision benefits make it easier to afford regular eye exams as well as prescribed vision correction.



The Superior Vision Network

Through our partnership with Superior Vision, DeltaVision members have access to a nationwide network of easy-to-find eye care providers.


More Eye Care Providers

More than 60,000 eye care providers nationwide.



More Options

Members can get eye exams at one place and buy eyewear at another for greater selection.



More Freedom

There are no restrictions on eyeglass frames or contact lenses. Members can apply their allowance toward any brand or lens type.


In-network national optical retailers include but are not limited to:





Plus, online in-network options:



DeltaVision Plan Benefits


3 easy ways to get the insurance you need.


When you’re ready to sign-up for dental (or dental plus vision) insurance with Delta Dental, you have three easy ways to get it done.




Paper applications may be mailed to:

P.O. Box 1596
Indianapolis, IN 46206