Employer Plans

Delta Dental recognizes that no two companies are alike when it comes to benefit needs. Whether your company is large or small, Delta Dental can customize a dental or vision plan to meet the needs of your company and your employees. With a choice of deductibles, annual maximums and benefit options, our dental plans provide your company with quality dental benefits at the greatest cost savings. We offer your company our unmatched expertise in providing and managing dental benefits, which is why nearly 3,000 Arkansas companies – including some of the state’s largest employers – have chosen Delta Dental to be their dental benefits provider.

Delta Dental’s Networks

Delta Dental offers your employees access to two dental networks nationwide - Delta Dental Premier® and Delta Dental PPO. Companies can choose plans that utilize one of Delta Dental’s networks or both. Delta Dental Premier® is the nation’s largest network with more than 145,000 participating dentists and 292,000 office locations. Delta Dental PPO includes more than 89,500 participating dentists and 207,000 office locations*. While both networks offer discounts and protection from balance billing, Delta Dental PPO offers deeper discounts, keeping out-of-pocket costs even lower. Delta Dental’s extensive networks provide your employees with access to quality dental care regardless of where they live or travel.


With vision and eye health problems affecting more than 140 million people in the United States**, the demand for vision coverage continues to increase. Delta Dental of Arkansas, in partnership with Avesis, offers affordable vision plans that will help your employees maintain healthy eyesight. Delta Dental offers vision-only plans as well as the option to bundle a vision plan with a dental plan. We offer vision plans for your employees for as low as $4 a month!

Let us help design a dental or vision plan for your company. Call 1-800-814-3451 or email sales@ddpar.com to inquire about our plan options or to request a quote.

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** Prevent Blindness in America. http://www.visionproblemsus.org/