Classroom Materials

Teaching Tools and Classroom Resources

Delta Dental is proud to provide high-quality educational materials to help teachers and caregivers teach children about good oral health. Below you will find links to lesson plans, activity pages, fun oral health facts, and more.

Lesson Plans and Worksheets

1st Grade Classroom Lesson Plans
- Big Tooth
- Sad Tooth
- Happy Tooth
- Roger the Red Robot

2nd Grade Classroom Lesson Plans
3rd Grade Classroom Lesson Plans
4th Grade Classroom Lesson Plans
- History of Dentistry

Science and Activity Cards (Grade K-4)

- Acid Attack
- Egg-citing Experiment
- Fantastic Floss
- Fabulous Fluoride
- Think Before You Drink

Other Resources

- From Drool to School Oral Health Book
- From Drool to School Oral Health Brochure
- Oral Health Book List
- Tooth Tips—Fun Oral Health Facts
- 2x2+20 Brushing and Reading Poster
- Coloring Book